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Anyone can draw Crazy Bear. If you have never drawn
Crazy Bear before, do so now.

Crazy Bear was born to Rory and Stu in the back of Andy's
car, while we were on our Roadtrip to the Future.

He has since multiplied and evolved at an alarming rate. He
is an indestructible beast. The worse you draw him, the scarier
he is. The better you draw him, the more awesome he is. It's a

Crazy Bear lives in our sketchbooks and on the streets. He lives in
cardboard fouton box caves illuminated by blinking red LEDs, and
on the walls of prestigious galleries. He is omnipresent and vicious.
He is very ticklish, not to mention woogley.

Crazy Bear is COMING SOON IN 3D...

in the form of a new vinyl toy! Pressure's on,
Dan Valvo, get sculpting!

Juu Hachi
recently gifted me a wonderous
Crazy Bear.

If you want your very own crazy bear, draw him.
But be warned, your drawing will probably eat you.

Submit your Crazy Bear vinyl toy designs to me I guess,
as Ben Rubin would say, it's kind of a collaboration.

Choosing Berries

Marla the Marlin's b-day present.