Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Very Different Things

Here are some signs I made at work. I just started
as a graphic artist as a company that does event planning--
scenery, lighting, props, etc. I got these printed at 2' x3'.
They're travel posters, themed decorations for a big cruise
themed party in D.C. Not my usual thing, definitely some
vector palm trees stolen from google images. I'm not proud
of that sort of behavior, but sometimes in this line of work
you have to move as quick as you can. I don't consider it
illustration. Or graphic design, really. "Graphic art?"
However, it's nice to have a job where I can use some of
my skills and knowledge.

And here's another present painting.


  1. What a fun little blog you got goin here! Please stop by for a visit and give me your thoughts if you can! :) Happy Holidays!