Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I was at the VMFA again for a little while on sunday, looking at the paintings in the Indian art section. They're all done with ink and opaque watercolor, and mostly dated around the late 1700s. So, small inky/watercolory/gouachey paintings. Theyre probably some of the closest peices in the museum to the kind of art that I make, at least technique-wise. Sorry the pictures
are so bad, I wish the lighting was a little brighter in the gallery.

I like the simple way these artists painted the plants in the pictures, and I was trying to learn/steal their methods.

Back home, I tried to replicate some of the
plants I liked. Some worked out better than
others--I chalk that up to bad gouache that
isn't very opaque, and my own impatience.
You really have to let that stuff dry.


  1. The plants you painted are still quite beautiful, I love decorative work like that. :D They look like painted tapestry pieces.

  2. they are like maurice sendak leaves....