Sunday, October 3, 2010

VMFA and Denis the Menace

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is sweet.
It's an easy walk from my place, and admission
is free. I've been there three times in the past
four days, I think.

Great exhibits of american and european painting,
plus really cool indian art, and I haven't even made
it to the pre-colombian section yet.

I was pretty tickled to see this statue of St. Denis in
the Renaissance Art gallery. I'm not gonna lie, I did
a lot of day dreaming and doodling in Art History class,
but that guy's story made me perk up my ears and listen.

Oh, also I'm not really supposed to be using pen or water-
color or whiteout in the museum. Pencils only. But I've found
if I'm really polite to the right security gaurds, or else just
really sneaky, I can get around that.

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