Monday, August 23, 2010

Similar Situations

I found myself saying goodbye to Rochester just
as I was starting to get to know the city. Not really
sad about that, got to keep my feet wanderin' on,
know what I mean?

And it's the same with Binghamton. Last week
I was standing on the sloping, rubbery roof of
the abandoned Masonic Temple on Main street
at about 2:30 in the morning. Even though I was
only about five stories up, I got the best view
of the city and it's surroundings that I've ever
had, and I felt satisfied--like I was squeezing the
last drops of juice out of this summer and out
of my hometown. And now I could rub my belly,
burp, and toss the rind into the ditch. But a few
seeds would scatter there, and either birds would
get to peck at them or they'd grow up into something
interesting, and either way is good with me.

This weekend, I found myself in a Similar Situation.
Rory, Andy and I had climbed the ladder to the top
of this old, empy water tower adjacent to our campsite
outside of Richmond, VA. We went down there for the
weekend to check out some apartments, and we found
a good one on W Main street in the Fan. But before we
had that all figured out, the three of us sat up there in
the dark blue air, staring out into the humid canopy.


  1. I bet that top one smells like a submarine.

  2. Haha nah, it's just ink and watercolor.