Sunday, June 13, 2010

What's up

Today I picked up a nice folding drafting table
that I found posted on craigslist for $30. Good deal!
Also got around to posting up all of the wonderful
prints and artwork that I have collected from
my friends. Well, there's probably more floating
around, but I have to find 'em. Hey guys, I'm looking
at your art, stealing your ideas!

And here are some practice hands from this morning.

In other exciting news, I start at my second job
on monday, at Hackerthreads. They're a company
that does all kinds of custom printing, screen printing,
embroidery, signs, etc. I'm not sure exactly what I'll
be doing for them yet--probably some print production,
maybe even a little graphic design, web design, or flash.
Maybe even a little, dare I hope--illustration?

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