Thursday, June 3, 2010

Utah! and the America Beyond

View from Dead Horse Point, 2k ft above the
Colorado River.

The last time I was out West was a family camping
trip to Colorado when I was ten. I'm very glad I took
this trip--Utah was like another planet. The landscape,
the plants, and the animals are all different from
the ones here. New York is beautiful in it's own right,
but it felt great to get far away for a few days.

Driving from New York to Utah took us about
2 and a half days. The world is mighty big,
but it's really easy to hop in a car or a plane
and go wherever you want.

Here are sketchbook pages from the trip:

And one more thing. The Peter Rabbit Family Jug Band
finally had the opportunity to record a song (which you
can find the lyrics to in the 5th sketchbook page, above).
Exclusive, for a limited time only, you can watch it here!


  1. Actually Jamie, we were about 6000 feet above sea level. The colorado river was 2000 feet below us. Awesome airport sketches too!

  2. that first picture looked like a Stu painting lol

  3. Well, that's his native land! It explains everything, right?