Monday, May 24, 2010


On saturday, I graduated. I had an amazing day with
my classmates and family. Good things lie ahead!

In the evening, I took my mom's old road bike out.
I have been borrowing it for two years, but only ridden
it once--it's been collecting dust in the basement, which
is okay I guess because it's always winter here in
Rochester anyway. But on saturday, the weather was
beautiful and for once in my life I had a little free time.
So I biked down to the Buddhist temple on Martin Road
and sketched until the sun was going down.

It is a Strange and Significant Place. I discovered it
by accident a long time ago, a surreal experience. I like it.


  1. I drive by that place and just sit and stare at it a lot. Actually, I drive Martin Rd. a lot and just stare at the fields.

  2. Yes, they are really great fields. I like those too.