Monday, April 26, 2010

Grow a Bear(d) and Be Somebody.

"Grow a beard and be somebody!"
I think this phrase comes from some kids I went
to highschool with. Sort of an ironic jibe? Now,
we often roll down the windows and yell it to
deer, geese, and sometimes unsuspecting bicyclists.

I went home this weekend to do some summer job
hunting. I had a great interview with some folks at
Harding House Press, a small publishing house in
Vestal. Having a hard copy of my portfolio, a resume,
and a business card feels great. I am genuinely
proud of my stuff. After that interview, I scooted
around town applying to stores and restaurants,
too. It was a good to be home for a couple days,
and a productive trip.


  1. why, i used to be a nobody. Yessir, its true. I was without a dime or a friend...that is until I woke up one day with a beard full of credibility!