Friday, February 26, 2010

Today, Andy, Stu, Rory and I embark on A Great Adventure.

Just for the occaision, I have fashioned a new miniature
watercolor kit that fits easily into my pocket for portable
sketching. It's made from a spray painted Altoids tin
and some sculpy. And the water brush means I don't
even need to bring my spray bottle. Thanks to Maria
for introducing me to this idea!

I will still be schlepping the rest of my portable
art supplies ina ziplock bag, including this trusty
box of watercolors, spray bottle, white out, and
brush. But the new tin I made has better colors,
and also can fit into my pocket if I don't want
to bring the whole lot.

It's time to see new sights, go new places,
and draw them!


  1. That's sweet man. Do you usually fold up a paper towel and bring it with you or do you use something else to clean off the brush?

  2. Hmm... have a large enough water source (i.e. a cup), I rinse the brush in there. Then if I want to dry it, I sort of stick the brush in my mouth suck the excess clean water out of it. Probably only getting teeny trace amounts of cadmium in my body, I hope.