Monday, December 21, 2009

25 Hour Sketchbook

During finals week last quarter, I performed a feat of incredible sketchbooking stamina.

It all started when I heard about Gallery R's upcoming 25 Show. The theme of the show was "25." That seemed pretty open. I thought I'd better get off my butt and become a fine artist for once, with my work displayed in a gallery and everything. Ideas were bouncing around my head. Then, I was sorting through a used book circulation shelf at the Mount Hope Diner after having lunch with Andy, and I found a small black book. Thinking it was a sketchbook, I picked it up--it was titled "Asphalt Construction."

That's when I got my crazy idea. I would turn this unassuming construction worker's manual, apparently intended for reference when mixing asphalt, into a 25 HOUR SKETCHBOOK. And I would do it all in 25 hours, then immediately submit it to the Gallery's collection booth. During finals week.

So, I waited until I had exactly 25 hours left to submit, with one extra hour to allow for travel time getting to the collection table. I started at 3p.m. and drew like a maniac. I slept four hours, woke up and drew like a maniac some more. I definitely got a little crazy while I was doing this, and it was quite an experience, but I loved it. A lot of it turned out really crappy, I was rushing. I did get a bunch of great ideas though, under all that pressure. The book was about 160 pages long. Here are a bunch of my favorites

Well. I stretched my brain that day-and-one-hour, and it may never be the same. I want to do this again sometime. With a panic deadline and no requirements regarding content or quality, this project really stirred the juices of my brain and tested my resolve.

A couple people told me they read (or looked at) this thing cover-to cover, and enjoyed it. I also got a prestigious (kidding) Juror's Choice award in the show. Woohoo!

Also, the important words I wrote (and keep mispelling) on the first page have sort of become a personal motto. "Pour Forth."

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  1. totally went to the show. and in my humble opinion, this was the only thing worth looking at. and i enjoyed it greatly.