Sunday, September 13, 2009

Furious sketchbooking.

I had to go to campus early
last wednesday because my roomate
needed a ride to work, so I took the
opportunity for some early mornin'
watercoloring. Another view of Building
1, from further away and beyond the
tennis courts. Actually, I was sitting
in the Gazebo and painting.

People in Wava Jollie's, and the one
guitar playing guy was at Open Mic Night
at boulder coffee. He's really good!

I started this a week or two earlier
by smudging a Nasturtium petal across
the sketchbook page in a squiggle,
and working from there. But I finished
it on wednesday.

More people in Wava's.

Sketchbook class assignment: "Two Wrongs
Don't Make a Right." My solution was a pair
of conjoined twin mobsters.

This is all from like... wednesday and thursday last
week? Obviously, there no way I can blog fast enough.
I'm happy to be back at school and crankin' out the goods.

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