Sunday, September 13, 2009

Furious sketchbooking.

I had to go to campus early
last wednesday because my roomate
needed a ride to work, so I took the
opportunity for some early mornin'
watercoloring. Another view of Building
1, from further away and beyond the
tennis courts. Actually, I was sitting
in the Gazebo and painting.

People in Wava Jollie's, and the one
guitar playing guy was at Open Mic Night
at boulder coffee. He's really good!

I started this a week or two earlier
by smudging a Nasturtium petal across
the sketchbook page in a squiggle,
and working from there. But I finished
it on wednesday.

More people in Wava's.

Sketchbook class assignment: "Two Wrongs
Don't Make a Right." My solution was a pair
of conjoined twin mobsters.

This is all from like... wednesday and thursday last
week? Obviously, there no way I can blog fast enough.
I'm happy to be back at school and crankin' out the goods.

Oryx, Finished

So, this company did get back to us, and I finished the project.


Schmutzine is in independant art zine based out of rochester.
I, among many other people, help generate the hodge podge
assortment of words and pictures that we grind up and glue
back together at odd angles, from which we then squeeze out
an entirely unique and fascinating publication.

The second edition of Schmutzine, The Summer of Love Issue,
was released only weeks ago, and is already spreading across
the globe like a huge radioactive chia-octopus.

Check out the first ever issue of last spring, now online at the
official SCHMUTZINE blogspot!:::

Tilt your head to the left and look at this!
Now to the right. Oh yeah. Flipping the
bird since '09.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Watercolor sketchbook

I've been really diggin' the watercolors lately,
so this summer I picked up a little watercolor
sketchpad for mobile usage. Combined with
my mini-kids watercolor set and my mini-spray
bottle and a brush, it all fits easily into my backpack
and travels with me everywhere. Here are a few
watercolor sketches, in chronological order.

Dead bebe mouse found at Lackawanna
State Park, PA.

A finn.

Buildings at RIT, and an imaginary rabbit.

More to come.