Thursday, August 6, 2009


The Past two weeks, I've been at Circus Minimus. It's a summer
camp where the kids put on a cirucs--juggling, trapeze, pipe/wire
walking, dancing, singing, tumbling, acrobatics--the whole
sha-bang. And theyare pretty incredible. This is my third year
helping out at CM as the art teacher. That means I'm in charge
of desiging propsand t-shirts and stuff, and getting the kids to
actually make them. Our show is tomarrow, and it is going
to blow your MIND, man.

Here are the campers. Yeah, we eat lunch in an alley.

And here is a long strip of pictures, containing some
of my process work--sort of three sketchbook pages
spliced together. Just some notes, sketches,
and unrelated doodles.

I intend to take some more pictures
tomarrow and post them soon. I'm excited for the show!

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